spa and hammam article

Fes Hammam / Fes Spa

Fes Hammam & Spa is the perfect activity to refresh your body and boost your energy for the rest of the trip. We will escort you to the Hammam where you can choose the type of massage that you want from the menu. After your Hammam and massage session, we will escort you back to your hotel/riad in Fes.

Fes Hammam and spa is part of our activities in Fes and is one of our guests’ favorite activities to do in Fes. As visitors come to Fes from different cities, usually in the middle of their journey, Fes Hammam and spa provides a golden chance to relax and boost your energy to carry on with the rest of your trip. This activity is part of our Fes excursions that offer plenty of services inside the city of Fes to get an insight into the traditional way of living of the locals in Morocco and for a better understanding of the culture and the rituals.

Hammam is a traditional public bath that was first introduced to Morocco with the arrival of the Roman Empire from which it immersed with Morocco’s diverse culture and has been given a Moroccan make over to better fit with the customs and lore of an Arabic Islamic nation. So, as soon as the Romans left, Arabic-Andalusian architecture took over Hammams and incorporated them into Morocco’s unique traditional facilities. Not so long ago, it wasn’t common for people to have their own showers, for hot water was a precious commodity before the era of water heaters, so traditional Hammams were considered a practical solution to get around this difficulty. Fes Hammam and spa is a traditional sauna that along with its steamy baths, beautiful decorations and luxurious ambiance provide you with a masseuse that will exfoliate you and get you rid of your dead cells with a traditional scrub glove followed by a massage in a relaxed and heavenly atmosphere. If you desire to get a massage, a massage therapist will be assigned to get you rid of tiredness, for the rubbing and the kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands are perfect to relieve tension or pain. As wise-men say “Massage is a luxury you can’t afford to miss”, a luxury indeed for all its health benefits and the feeling of serenity you get after the session. The Hammams we’re associated with offer a variety of itineraries to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Once you have made a reservation for a Fes hammam and spa through us, you’ll be escorted to the Hammam by one of our staff members. The staff of the Hammam will receive and welcome you with some mint tea while they prepare your steamy rooms. Tea will also be presented for you when you finish your Hammam and massage session.This is a much recommended activity for tourists in Fes and you’ll find it in the top of any To-do-list online. We believe that it’s the experience of a lifetime with our Fes excursions.